Coveted California wines. Curated for you. Delivered to your door (only within California).

The Local Cellar wine club is designed to share the taste of California with Californians (We can only ship within California).  More particularly, we want to share some very hard to find wines, either because their production is limited or highly-allocated.  With our longstanding friendships with our winemakers, we are lucky to have access to these fleeting gems.  

On the first day of each season, you will receive a case of wines that reflect the season, both the arc of the California sun and the bounty of California fields and orchards.  Each case will include a sparkling, whites, and reds, the proportions shifting with the seasons.  Your shipment will arrive with background on the wines, tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions.  

There are three paths for your Local Cellar Wine Club experience.  Choose wisely.

Bottles of the moment

These wines capture this very instant and are intended to imbibe before your next shipment arrives.  Delicious and bright, fresh and distinct, these wines can be every day wines and  special occasion delights.    

12 bottles for $240 per season

+ $12 shipping anywhere in CA

FoR Now & Later

These wines are for tomorrow's dinner and for a future anniversary.  Six bottles will be in the spirit of Bottles of the Moment.  Three bottles have been cellared for you and may just be at their ephemeral peak.  The final three bottles call for patience (on which we will advise).  

12 bottles for $360 per season

+ $12 shipping anywhere in CA


These wines are rare in two senses.  Rare in their limited production, scarce availability, and cult following.  Rare in their uniqueness, in their unfamiliarity, in the surprise of the new.  For both of these reasons, we must limit the Limited Pioneers to twenty-four members.    

12 bottles for $700 per season

+ $12 shipping anywhere in CA