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We scour the state for the Best wine, spirits, and beer.


The lucky denizens of this fertile state, teeming with vines, we are dedicated to the unique wines of our neighbors and friends.  Not just any wines.  Wines of this land, from grapes grown with care and without pesticides, picked at the moment of their truest expression, fermented with natural and native yeasts and without chemical additives, and finished with minimal (and sometimes no) sulfur.    These wines and winemakers are the terroir of California.


For all the deep roots of our wines, small-batch and craft spirits are a newer frontier for California.  As local distillers grow beyond grapes, the range of our offerings and your potential bar grows with them.  From clear to dark, young to barrel aged, from gin to rye, from old pioneers to young upstarts, here find the distilled spirit of California.


Though hops do not grow as grapes in these parts (though they do, and we have the beer made from them), California has long been home to craft beer.  We seek beers of distinction and vision, whether the clean, crisp glug on a hot day or a slow, savory sip with dinner.  We seek the world's styles of beer, uniquely made in California.







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